About K9Company

K9Company Ltd was founded by Sarah Jensen, who has been working with dogs for years – as a dog groomer, dog trainer and product developer.

Her vision is to offer quality products with a strong concept while simultaneously providing dog owners with useful knowhow, experience and advice.

Tallulah Dog Care

In 2014 K9Company launched the dog grooming series  “Tallulah Dog Care”. A coatcare series that goes back to basics, inspired by the methods of the good old days using natural, organic ingredients and avoiding unnecessary waste and additives.

The lovely vintage design reflects the concept of celebrating the good old days.

Dog Grooming Made Easy

Tallulah Dog Care was followed by the book “Dog Grooming Made Easy” and the online course “Learn Dog Grooming”. Years of experience is shared with dog owners, taking all the frustration out of grooming and saving the dog owners a lot of money.

Exciting News

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