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The Easy Way to a Healthy Coat

Small long-haired dogs are a true joy with their happy nature, loving disposition, and beautiful appearance. They enrich our lives and find their place in the family as our “fur babies”.

An easy and healthy coat is a well-groomed and well-nourished coat. It is a bonus for both dog and owner for the dog to love grooming so this can be done calmly and without stress.

From my experience as a dog groomer and trainer, I know which questions and problems a lot of dog owners have, and how desperate dog owners struggle to navigate a market chock full of dog products.

In this book, the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about training, diet, and coat care products will be provided, so you can approach coat care in the best possible way. Each recommendation is fully explained and accounted for. Furthermore, a sneak peek of my first English publication, “Dog Grooming Made Easy” will be given as a bonus!

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