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Best dog clippers – Oster vs Andis clipper review

Clipper Review Based On My Personal Experiences

I know it can be difficult to choose the right clipper if you are new to dog grooming. In this post, I will describe four of my favorite dog clippers, two from Oster and two from Andis, to help you make a decision.  These clippers can be used both professionally and for DIY home grooming.


Oster VS Andis

Oster and Andis are the leading manufacturers of dog grooming equipment. You will get quality and value for the money by choosing one the following clippers.


Andis AGC Super, 2 Speed

This is the clipper I work with the most in my dog grooming salon, as it is the most low-noise clipper. I find this very important for professional use as you never know how sensitive the dog you will be grooming is to loud noises. The price for the Andis AGC Super is around £120/$150, and I think you get a lot for the money. It is a reasonable price, and you have to keep in mind that if you need it for professional use, you might drop it on the floor if you are grooming a dog that is not standing still.


Andis AGR+

This is about twice the price as the Andis AGC Super, but it is worth the extra cost because you get to enjoy working with a cordless clipper. A grooming clipper always feels lighter and more easy to handle without the cord. It is also a lot easier to move around the table without the cord getting in the way. This Andis AGR+ is also very low-noise. The only reason I chose to work with the cheaper Andis AGC Super, is just because it is cheaper so I won’t have to worry too much about dropping it.


Oster Pro 3000i

It is very nice to handle the Oster Pro 3oooi as it is slim, and the hand-piece has an ergonomic shape. It makes more noise than the Andis clippers, and that can be fine for home grooming, but for professional use, it can be very annoying. I would not be able to listen to this noise all day at the salon.


Oster A5 Golden

A popular and old fashioned clipper, and for a good reason. It is the cheapest professional clipper and therefore has become a bestseller for DIY home grooming. The great thing about this clipper is it can be repaired, which makes it the longest lasting clipper. The old fashioned way of making clippers makes it possible to replace all the bits and pieces in the Oster A5, so if you are looking for a clipper on a budget, this is the one to go for. The noise is exactly the same as the Oster 3oooi.


I have listed the rest of the clippers different features below:

Dog clippers

Speed (strokes pr minute)

Weight  (gram)




Andis AGC Super

3300/4000 SPM



Low price, low noice

Andis AGR+

3800 SPM



Charge one hour and run one hour

Pay more get more. Low noice and more comfortable to work with

Oster Pro 3000i 

3000 SPM



Charge one hour and run up to two hours

Runs up to two hours. Hand-piece has an ergonomic shape

Oster A5

2200/3200 SPM



Low price and can be repaired


Dog Clippers:



Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, I’ll be happy to help.

-Sarah Jensen






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