winter safety tips for dogs

Important winter safety tips for dogs

Keep your dog safe


Here are 5 very important winter safety tips that every dog owner should remember when temperatures are getting low:


1: Don’t let your dog off leash in the snow. They can easily get lost as they can lose their scent.

2: Don’t let your dog off leash near the ice. The ice might be too thin and can break. Sadly dogs drown every year because  of this.

3: Wash your dogs feet after a walk outside. The road salt will make the pads dry and cause them to crack. This is very painful for the dogs and some are more sensitive to this than others. I recommend applying coconut oil to the pads after washing them.

4: Rinse your dogs legs and belly as well after a walk outside. Road salt and other de-icing products contain toxic chemicals and your dog will ingest this when licking the coat.

5: You might want to shorten the daily walks because of the cold temperatures. Dogs get cold when they are wet, and after spending some time in the snow the coat will become wet. Senior dogs with arthritis will usually experience more discomfort during winter. You can, however, do lots of fun activities indoors to keep up with the daily exercise.



safety tips for dogs

The ice is so beautiful, yet so dangerous






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